It is the descent of a mountain with mountaineering techniques, that any tourist may venture on this feeling;


It is the descent of a river course, going through many obstacles, such as zip line, rappelling, wells, etc … it is a real adventure;


It’s like rappelling, but instead of being on the mountain, it in a waterfall, which makes the experience, even the more out of sight;

Park Chords:

A tree top cross through a course of ropes… A journey that is beautiful, in addition to being exciting;



It is the descent of a river with rapids in inflatable boats. A rich emotion activity;




Aerial Cable:

It is the leap from a waterfall, sliding to a lake, through a zipline. This is a pure adrenaline activity;


Who never played flag pike? Paintball has the same goal, but you will use paintball guns and camouflage cloths, to participate in this game, which happens on a river island of 8,000 square meters;


The National Park offers a huge choice of hiking trails, ranging from small, 20 minutes up to three days crossings, camping by waterfalls and idyllic views. Just choose which one you will venture;


Via ferrata:

Climbing a mountain is not for everyone, but with the via ferrata, any tourist can get a taste of climbing a mountain, but with the protection of ladders and steel cables.

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