Relais (Inn)

Relais ( Inn) & the Atlantic Forest (+ quote)

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most important ecosystems on our planet. It is the largest forest biodiversity, that exists with a grand variety of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects inhabiting the greatest amount of vegetation per square foot.

Because we are located next to the National Park, which preserves this forest maintaining it untouched, you may cross the woods on trails, that are like tunnels through the middle of the forest, which even the most beautiful words would not be capable of describing the breath taking feeling that it is, to be in contact with nature through such sites.

This is the greatest asset that our relais (Inn) has to offer you.

The preservation of this ecosystem is a commitment that the Açu Paradise Relais (Pousada Paraíso do Açu) maintain as one of their priorities

As such, our heartfelt wish is that all the inhabitants of this planet may receive this energy and the power it transmits to us, demonstrating the value of its importance in our lives, so that in this way, we may preserve it so future generations may have the privilege of knowing places like this, that are hard to find, these days.

The Relais & its staff (employees), and local community residents await you with great affection, warmth and satisfaction!

The Açu Paradise Relais (Inn, Pousada Paraíso do Acú) is situated a few steps from the National Range Forest Park (Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos)

A heavenly place, amid (among) the delicate beauty of our vast Atlantic forest, where bromeliads and orchids counteract, with the grandeur of the rocky mountains (like Sugar Loaf) that surround the green valleys, and streams of crystalline (pristine) fresh spring mountain water, forming beautiful waterfalls which drop, presenting thus a espectacular view that only nature can provide us!

70Km from the Rio and 17 Km from Petrópolis, it is unimaginable that such a place exists so close to big cities, where man has preserved its nature, and where you may come to have fun and rest or just to contemplate its beauty.

The Mountain Park Range ( Parque da Serra dos Órgãos) was the third National Park in Brazil, where the fauna and flora are of great exuberance, attracting nature lovers from all over the world.

People (guests) who stay here, fall in love and never ever forget! +55 (24) 2221-3999 ou +55 (24) 2236-0074